About Me

Hey guys…

Just a little back story on me to put my work and blogging in perspective for you.

I’m Scott Adams and I live in Oakdale, California. I have been working online in some capacity or the other for the last 15 years now. Yeah, it has been a while. All you lucky newbies have it easier now, well easier in some ways and harder in others, especially if we talk about SEO and anyway more on that later. Way too much has changed and its not just a few things; the entire paradigm of what one is capable of doing online in terms of business and networking has created a new world of opportunity.

It is a really exciting time, especially if you are an online marketer. I myself started out blogging and it wasn’t anything fancy, but I learned a lot along the way. Today I run and own  multiple online properties (websites) and use my blog now more specifically to coach and educate people on how to further their online business, whether that be via email or incorporating some kind of automation if their business is suited for it or simply pointing  people in the right direction as far their marketing efforts are concerned.

I write to help all you guys out there just starting on your online journey, as well you seasoned entrepreneurs who seem to be stuck and are no where fast.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your comments and questions about my blogs and in general are more than welcome and I look forward to hearing from you.


Scott Adams